Dokka Bondemøbler As

Dokka Bondemøbler As is located in Heimskogen 16, 2870 Dokka Norway, in Norway and the main services are Furniture And Shelving - Office, Factory Fittings, Furniture - Children's Bedroom, Furniture - Household, Furniture - School.

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Furniture And Shelving - Office

Factory Fittings

Furniture - Children's Bedroom

Furniture - Household

Furniture - School

Dokka Bondemøbler As Location

Address: Heimskogen 16, 2870 Dokka Norway
Phone Numbers: +47 61 11 45 45
Country: Norway
Lattitude: 60.837563
Longitude: 10.055077
Google Map: 60.837563,10.055077

Dokka Bondemøbler As Profile

Total Staff and Workers : 1

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